Where to Find Trusted Battery Storage Manufacturers


Home energy storage offers numerous benefits. Everyone benefits from scalable energy storage, from individuals and families to small businesses and multinational corporations. In no particular order, here are some of the largest companies active in energy storage systems. Battery storage systems have a bright future, and these companies will undoubtedly play an important role in the development of renewable energy storage systems.


Where to Find Trusted Battery Storage Manufacturers-Benti


Benti Energy

If you are looking for reliable battery storage manufacturers, Benti Energy is the place to be. This manufacturer of LiFePo4 batteries has a long track record for manufacturing high-quality products that meet a wide range of specifications. Moreover, their battery management system ensures optimal memory performance and minimizes power consumption when used in standby mode. Furthermore, their batteries have 6,000 recharge cycles and have high energy-storage capacity. These features make their products ideal for demanding applications.


Benti Energy is a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. They have over 10 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality battery systems, and also provide OEM services to other companies. Their batteries meet international safety and quality standards and are certified under ISO/CE/UL/RoHS/IEC. They also develop innovative engineering solutions for professional applications. Their vision is to meet the energy needs of industries worldwide with innovative, customized battery storage solutions.



Tesvolt is one of the leading global manufacturers of energy storage solutions. As of early 2017, the company has attracted investors such as bmp Ventures AG and IBG Risikokapitalfonds III, German funds that invest in early-stage startups. Moreover, Tesvolt has secured the services of former Siemens Energy Management CEO, Ralf Christian. In his former role, he managed a team of over 55,000 employees and generated more than EUR 12 billion in revenue. He has been in the energy industry for over two decades and has extensive knowledge of the industry.


TESVOLT is committed to offering battery storage solutions with superior technology and a company structure that is geared toward rapid innovation and flexibility. Its innovative products are designed to meet the exacting standards required in a competitive market. The company’s production at its Wittenberg site includes fully automated end-of-line inspections, during which each battery module undergoes several rigorous tests. In addition, defective battery modules are automatically removed. As a result, all TESVOLT energy storage systems are designed with multiple in-built safety mechanisms. These include a robust aluminium housing that protects every cell from mechanical damage.



The energy storage industry is in need of reliable battery storage manufacturers and suppliers. With the advent of electric vehicles, the industry is experiencing supply shortages and big money storage projects. In addition, international affairs are interfering with the industry and its ability to secure a reliable supply of battery cells. Fortunately, there are some reliable battery storage manufacturers and suppliers that can assist in this endeavor.


PowerPlus Energy is one such company that offers storage batteries from 3.3 kWh to 80 kWh. Their batteries are designed and developed in Australia and are rugged and reliable, ideal for tough environments. The company’s management team has extensive expertise in renewable energy and battery storage. They are dedicated to developing reliable and safe energy storage solutions. The company has recently expanded its product lineup by introducing the Alpha and NorthStar batteries.



Enersys is a leading supplier of stored energy solutions for industrial and commercial markets. With a global presence, they offer a wide range of industrial battery solutions including motive power, energy systems, and uninterruptible power supplies. Their products are used in a variety of industries including construction, transportation, and retail. They also offer specialty products for military, defense, and aerospace applications.


Enersys’ NexSys iON batteries are designed for heavy-duty equipment and are powered by a nickel-magnesium-cobalt (NMC) chemistry and large prismatic cells. These batteries also feature an integrated Battery Management System. The company employs more than ten thousand people worldwide, including more than 125 technical sales representatives in the U.S.



Since its founding in 2013, Junda Battery has focused on the bespoke design and production of industrial and consumer batteries. Electric bicycle batteries, lithium ion batteries, Lithium Polymer batteries, LiFePO4 batteries, bespoke battery packs, NiMH batteries, and other items are among the company’s product offerings.


They provide customers in a variety of industries a large selection of conventional and custom batteries. For instance, their products are widely utilized in telecommunications, solar energy, maritime, medical, military, oil and gas, recreational vehicles, cordless phones, tablet computers, GPS tracking, and other industries.


To summarize, energy storage is growing more prominent in the energy sector, and more organizations are now offering energy storage solutions to consumers. The top residential energy storage providers are depicted above. The companies serve a diverse range of consumers, from small company owners to large organizations, by providing energy storage systems for homes on a national and global scale. We hope you found this post useful, and do contact us if you have any questions or need a home power storage wholesale business.

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