Company Profile

Company Profile

Benti Energy Limited (abbreviation: BENTI) is focused on providing home energy storage solutions in a simple, safe, and elegant way. Our company offers the best residential ESS, mature business processes, and professional services by an experienced team. BENTI’s partnership with the reliable and well-known UZ Energy Company is incredibly productive. Thanks to their extensive network of business connections, they currently hold a dominant position in the energy storage industry. We also utilise exclusively high-quality raw materials, such as LiFePO4 cells powered by CATL.



BENTI is an international ESS original equipment manufacturer (OEM) located in Shenzhen, China, that was established in 2012 and is powered by CATL. BENTI has over 10 years of expertise in the worldwide energy storage systems field and a global partner network that covers over 80 countries. As a result of our persistent work, we have established a global clientele that spreads from North America to Europe and is still expanding.




Company Profile-Benti



• Founded:



• Legal name:

Benti Energy Limited


• Head office:

Shenzhen, China


• Expertise:

Home Energy Storage Solutions

Residential Energy Storage Solutions


• Regions of Operations:

North America


Still Expanding




Our Value, Mission & Vision




Powering your home with green energy and 24/7 availability. We are reshaping the energy future of residential, industrial, and outdoor spaces.




A true win-win by providing renewable energy that benefits every individual, and every home.




We will keep moving forward in the direction of safer, more dependable, and smarter home energy solutions. As the trusted sustainability partner, we lead the effort to improve the world by providing valuable, trustworthy-sourced, efficient energy solutions delivered with passion, experience, cooperation, and a constant emphasis on client satisfaction. Making energy storage a welcoming part of the homeowner’s life with elegant product design and simple management.




Company Profile-Benti


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