BENTI Summit 500

Our portable power stations are functional power hubs that will keep your electronic gadgets charged for weekend outdoor activities or a pleasant vacation to the lakeside. During unanticipated outages, they also provide a safe supply of emergency power at home.

Introducing the powerful & effective portable power station


Summit 500 provides the dependable power and adaptability you want everywhere you go—beach, construction site, or at home. And it all comes in a surprisingly small and light package. The station’s many connectors allow it to readily charge a wide range of gadgets and appliances. Furthermore, the Summit 500 supports Quick Charging (QC) of mobile devices through super-fast USB QC 3.0.



BENTI believes in capturing the power of the sun in simple and effective methods. That’s why we added a DC input connector for charging your Summit 500 with solar panels (11-30 V). With the proper equipment, you may finally go fully off-grid on your next outdoor expedition.



BENTI Summit 500-Benti



Designed to perform in the wild outdoors


Our portable power stations are created with durability and dependability in mind, making them ideal for both rough outdoor expeditions and domestic emergencies. They provide many connectors for your most often used gadgets as well as simple Quick Charge for phones and tablets.



BENTI Summit 500-Benti




Safe and simple to operate inside


Our battery-powered stations are completely safe for indoor usage, unlike conventional gasoline-powered generators, which emit dangerous carbon monoxide. Plus, they barely make a sound when in use, so you can go about your day as usual.


BENTI Summit 500-Benti




Capacity 580Wh/500Wh Power 500W
Output Specification
AC (Pure Sine Wave) 120V, 60Hz, 2 Ports
USB-A(2 Ports) 12W max.
USB-A (1 Port)
QC 3.0
18W max.
Type-C (1 Port)
PD 65W max.
Car Socket (1 Port) 12V-10A
DC 5525(2 Ports) 12V-5A
Charger (Accessory Included) 65W max.
MPPT (11~30)V-5A, 65W max.
Type-C PD 60W max.
General Data
Dimension 278*170*213mm
Weight 6kg



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