Power Lite Series

High-Quality. Scalable Design. BentiEnergy Power Lite Series Super-charge your Smart Home. 24/7, Day and Night. We are reshaping the energy future of residential, industrial, and outdoor spaces.

The Conversion of a Renewable Energy Future


The Benti Energy Power Lite Series is an intelligent energy storage solution that is highly safe and long-lasting, with battery capacity options of 5 kWh and 10 kWh. The Power Lite is designed as a single compact unit in its standard configuration. The architecture allows for multiple parallel combinations (up to 16 units).



• Capacity: 5 or 10 kWh

• Scalable: Multiple-Parallel Up to 16 Sets

• Cycle Warranty: 10 yr/6,000³

• Water Repellent: IP65 Available

• Support: Ground & Wall



Power Lite Series General Installation

A Versatile Residential Energy Storage System



Power Lite Series-Benti




The Modular Multi-Purpose Battery Solution

• Economical, Safest, Scalable Home Energy Storage Solutions

• Making it simple for your home to generate, store, and use your own clean power.


The intelligent design combines Advanced BMS Technology with a UPS Power Supply to efficiently control home energy usage during the day, store extra solar power for use at night, and offer reliable emergency backup power during grid outages.




Power Lite Series Vertical Installation

A Multifunction Home Energy Storage System


Power Lite Series-Benti


Premium Home Energy Storage System

• Cost-effective, Most Safe, Scalable Home Energy Storage Solutions

• Making it easy for you to produce, store, and consume renewable energy.


Enjoy a premium energy storage solution built with the most secure battery technology available. Protect your home against the hassle of power outages and blackouts. With exquisite product design and simple and direct control, you can make energy storage a pleasant element of your home.



Moel Power Lite Series
Battery Type LiFePO4
Nominal Battery Energy 5.12 kWh
Nominal Capacity 100 Ah
Nominal Voltage 51.2 V
Working Voltage Range 48-57.6V
Nominal Current (Recommended) 50 A (0.5 C)
Max Continuous Discharging Current (Cell) 100A(1 C) at assigned condition
Net Weight 44.5 kg
Dimension [W*D*H] 440*530*132 mm
Working Temp. Range 0-50 deg C
Designed Life-span 6000 Cycles³
Protection Level IP20
Communication CAN/RS485/Dry Contact/Wi-Fi
Calendar Life 10 Years³
Certificate TUV/IEC 62619/CE-IEC 61000
IEC 62040/UN38.3/UL 1973/UL 9540A4



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